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Kalkan and Kas have always been know as the secret hidden gems in Turkey with stunning sea and mountain views, private bays, and gorgeous secluded beaches.

With the construction of new modern properties and hotels, it has attracted thousands of tourists who have fallen in love with its charm and relaxed atmosphere and the traditional character that is still evident, this is mainly due to the strict building regulations that ensured the traditional and natural beauty of these areas would remain even with the increase in construction over the years.

So, with tourism booming it was inevitable holidaymakers would fall in love with the area and turn into property buyers and elevate the towns to well known holiday destinations and create Kalkan and Kas into the property hotspots they are today.

More available property has produced more visitors year on year to Kalkan and Kas hence creating a booming opportunity for investors to buy villas and apartments and take advantage of these popular locations and help with the demand for much-needed luxury accommodation, especially during the holiday seasons.

Villas and apartments for sale in Kalkan and Kas start from 100,000 Euros and prices are increasing.

If you are looking to buy a property in Kalkan or Kas, contact us today for a free consultancy, or if you are currently on holiday or planning to visit these areas call us to arrange a viewing of selected properties.


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