Property Buying Process in Turkey:

We at Property Guru have a wealth of experience spanning over many years that enables us to assist buyers through the whole buying process, our team will hold your hand through what can be a very complicated journey and we will remain totally independent with the advice we will offer when buying a property in Turkey

The buying steps and procedure:

Once you are ready to start the buying process we at Turkey Property Guru will double-check the seller's paperwork to make sure everything is 100% correct and up to date. This usually means firstly checking the title deeds detail match the details at the Tapu (land registry) office and also making sure there are no debts, liens on the property and that the property has a habitation certificate or pending if off-plan.

If the seller is open to offers we will convey your offer to the seller and wait for their response. Once you and the seller have accepted the offer the buying process can begin and at this point, you can source your own lawyers and translators or we can recommend a list of independent lawyers and translators.

Once the terms and conditions of the contract and any payment plan have been agreed a contract is drawn up and a deposit to secure the property will be taken. These days there is no need for Military Check as this is now abolished and foreign investors have the same rights as Turkish buyers.

Registering your Tapu (Title Deed)

As there is no longer a Military check process requirement transferring the Tapu (Title Deeds) this is now a quick and easy process and can be carried out in just a day at the Title Deeds office. At the time of transferring the title deeds to you proof of earthquake insurance (DASK) will be needed. Keep in mind to renew the DASK every year as this is a legal requirement for all properties in Turkey.

If for some reason you can't be in the country to attend the Tapu (Title Deeds) office to transfer the title deeds into your name it is possible for you to give a power of attorney to your solicitor or a third party to sign on your behalf.

Once you have your Title Deeds it is time to change the utilities into your name and we can assist you with this as well as point you to the right shops if you need furniture for your new home.